Kitchens are tricky rooms to plan as so much family activity generally goes on there. If you are remodeling your kitchen, remember to think about colors as you choose your cabinets and appliances and think about the overall color scheme. Here are some traps to avoid at the planning stage:-
Don’t Use Colors Which Date Quickly

You will not (hopefully) be remodeling your kitchen every year so try to avoid using the latest fashionable colors which can date your kitchen when it is as little as a year old.

Don’t Use Colors Which Convey Heat

A kitchen can get hot enough as it is. While you don’t need to choose a cool color it can help you keep your cool if you do. If you love orange or yellow incorporate it in small areas or in a pattern on your curtains and other soft furnishings and you will be fine. Even the walls in a kitchen may represent a small area if they are mostly covered in cabinets and shelves.

Don’t Use Distinctive Colors for Major Elements

You may fall in love with bright red lacquered cabinet doors. And it is true they can make your kitchen distinctive and set it apart from the rest. But it will also mean any change in color scheme will involve a major remodeling job. So when choosing large items such as cabinet doors think neutral. This will allow you to change your color scheme by painting the walls and changing the kitchen curtains without ripping out your kitchen and starting again.

Don’t Be Dull

While it is a good idea to make the major elements of your kitchen neutral don’t make the whole room neutral too. Add color for impact using accessories such as blinds, kitchen appliances and place mats. Even a colored toaster sitting on the work surface will add character to your kitchen.

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