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You must have come across the popular symbol for recycling. The recycle symbol is printed on polyethene paper conjuring people to think only such products need recycling. It is true that plastic calls for more attention due to its non-biodegradable nature but recycling involves an endless list of products that we use on daily basis.

This article is for anyone looking for hints and tips on how to recycle rubbish. It’s true that cooperate entities must practise product recycling, but it is we people at individual levels that hold the key to a better environment. Here is some advice on greener recycling during rubbish removal.

The three R rule.

Reduce, reuse and recycle. The Rs aphorism is arranged in accordance to its effectiveness. Reducing the amount of what will consume will even help avoid reuse and recycle which are difficult. For example, instead of buying a new electronic you fix the one you already have.

Reuse polythene papers instead of buying new ones. At these two levels, the effect of environmental conservation is more pronounced.

Buy recycled products

Be actively involved in recycled goods. With that, you will be economically encouraging those companies that recycle products. Shed off the notion that recycled products are below par.

Recycle your water

Water is fluid rubbish. Homestead affluent drain in sewages and later to the nearby rivers leading to water pollution. Ways to recycle water include using the wash water for the garden. Note that this is possible if you don’t use soaps with non-biodegradable components.

Early industries were the major water pollutant. However, since the environmental law was enacted, most industries come up with ways to recycle their water using as raw material over and over again.

Recycle electronics

With the rise of tech industries, almost every adult owns a gadget. Using long lasting rechargeable batteries is more ecological sound. If you need to, but a new gadget doesn't throw what you have in the bin, take advantage of online selling platform such as eBay to sell what you no longer need.

Anticipate recycling

Coca-Cola packs its product on two type of bottles: plastic and glass bottle. By purchasing sodas in a glass bottle, you contribute to recycling. During rubbish removal, a plastic bottle will not be refilled with high chances of ending up in landfills.

Recycle your greens

Food waste and other green products can be used to make compost manure. If you do this for a year more so as a community, you will have enough manure to plant trees.

If you are environmentally sensitive, it means you know ramification of environmental destruction. Effort to save Mother Nature from destroying human race starts at the grass root level. Take the initiative, advocate and act on the above tips for a better environment.

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