A well selected candle holder can make even inexpensive votive candles look like expensive pieces of modern art. Those who are looking for ways to spruce up coffee, dining or end tables will find that there is no option as cost effective or as easily personalized as candle holders. A single holder will lend any room an intimate feel, while a few holders used in multiples can create an eclectic and visually arresting centerpiece. If you are looking for the perfect way to place candle holders, there are a few tips that can ensure that your accent will look like a professionally created art object.

Think about the furniture and art work that already decorates your room when selecting a holder. The best holders are those that will blend well with the pieces that you already have, not those that simply take up space. When decorating a den furnished in warm colors and rustic fabrics like leather, consider an aged, vintage-looking piece, such as those that are made from unfinished wood. They will keep with the theme of the room, while enhancing the character that is already there. For rooms with a more modern sensibility, chrome or glass holders are great options that will match any color palette. Both geometrical shapes and traditional configurations will work well in these spaces.

Do not be afraid to mix and match styles and colors. Varying the heights of the holders that will be displayed is a great way to add some texture and depth to your piece. If you will be using a few mismatched holders, it is best to use at least three different pieces to ensure that the look appears deliberate. Another tip when searching for holders that will work well together is to use only those that are composed of the same material through. This means that glass holders should be paired with others made from glass, and ceramics should be used with other ceramic pieces. Again, using a few different colors is fine so long as the material stays the same.

As your candle holder design becomes more intricate, the candles that you use should be more simple. If your holders will be in a few different colors, it is best to stick with stark white candles to keep the look elegant. Remember that shorter candles are the most versatile, while taller candles may be used in dining areas and on side tables.

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