If you have taken notice of popular interior decorating publications and have decided to purchase window treatments for sliding glass doors, you may be tempted to go ahead and start using them right away. Because glass doors are larger and have more features on them than traditional windows, homeowners need to pay special attention to the way they operate their curtains, as these can easily become damaged. Here are some tips how to properly care for and use your new curtains.

First, you will need to make sure all window treatments are not dragging on the ground. If necessary, these can be hemmed at a local tailor or dry cleaning/seamstress store. This will ensure the curtains’ bottoms do not wear out from dragging across the floor nor do they become dirty from having to act as the floor’s sweeper.

Next, you will want to periodically check the door for leaks. Since sliding doors are significantly larger than windows, during the cool months; condensation can occur. If not dried, wet curtains can mildew and turn black. Should your curtains accidentally become wet, they can be spot-dried using a hairdryer on low heat.

Sliding glass doors can have a lot of hazards that could potentially damage window treatments. Protruding handles, door safety bars and door pins are used to open or secure the door. Unfortunately, if using lace or sheer material curtains, these can become pulled or frayed. Regardless of your curtains style, make sure they do not come into direct contact with potentially sharp objects by choosing a curtain rod that protrudes out and does not lie against the door’s glass or hardware.

To conclude, always make sure to dust the top of your curtains. Not only will long-term dust add excess weight, it can cause significant discoloration; especially when using white curtains. Take good care of your curtains and they will provide you with many years of room-enhancing beauty.

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