Window Curtains Increase Room Appeal

Published on December 07 2009 by GuestPoster in Home Decor


New window curtains are a good, inexpensive way to give new life to any room in your house. You can use curtains to introduce a new color into a monochromatic room, better highlight an interesting window or view, or just add a bit more light. For already curtained windows, try finding replacement curtains that will work with your existing curtain rods to streamline installation. Even if you need to install the rod too, a power drill with enable them to be hung evenly and securely in minutes.

There are a few different curtain styles that are commonly used. For the most dramatic effect, curtains that reach the floor make an elegant statement. This window curtain style works best with large windows in more formal rooms. Many home designers resist hemming the curtains, allowing them to pool freely beneath the window frame. If you favor this look, consider purchasing curtains in a bold, solid color and using tie-backs to make the look seem deliberate and not messy.

Fwindow-curtainsor those who hope to add a homey touch to a room, patterned curtains that extend just a bit below the sill will give any space a cozy, warm feel. Choose a pattern that is lightly colored and made with a thin fabric. This will prevent the curtains from overwhelming the room, and create a bright, airy atmosphere.

Aside from considerations in terms of decorating, those buying new window curtains should also take into account the amount of maintenance they will require. Washable curtains are always a good idea. In high traffic areas, it is wise to shy away from white curtains, particularly those that extend to the floor. With white curtains in delicate fabrics, it is a constant battle to keep them looking fresh.

If you are thinking about updating a room’s décor but do not wish to spend a great deal of money, new window curtains are the perfect addition.

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