The Weber gas grill rotisserie is a great tool in the grilling industry. While giving the appearance of any other back yard equipment it has a secret, it can cook your food a different way for a different taste and style. Instead of placing your food on top of the grilling surface you hang it up above suspending it in the air by one or two rods that span the entire length of the unit. This will allow the meat to be rotated in mid air while being cooked all the way through. This process can take longer than your outdoor electric grill you normally use, but it is also a new experience and doesn’t have to be watched constantly to make sure it’s cooking. Setup your Weber grill rotisserie and then setup the timer for how long the meat will take to cook and forget its running. It’s a good idea to check every once in awhile to make sure things are going well but essentially you can wait till the timer goes off and your food should be done.

A charcoal grill is how things worked before the use of gas and it gives off an entirely different taste. A great way to use a rotisserie is to make sure your food is secure on the rotating rods and remove the grill cover cooking surface. Some even sit just barely above the coals to give you the best heat. Grills are all rated differently depending on the style of cooking you are looking for and rotisserie is just another great way to cook and enjoy your summer days. While you may not own a rotisserie grill you can always find ways to get one working on the existing unit you have. They make attachments for just about every grill related and depending on the brand they may make one for the exact model you have. Making it easy for you to buy it and utilize yet another function of your grill.

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