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There was a time not too long ago in our nation’s history when those wood wardrobes were used to house one’s clothes.  The notion of a closet as we know it today was not yet invented.  In fact, our current definition is more of a shortened take on the old wardrobe closet, as it was called.  These wood wardrobes were finely crafted and had detailing that made them characteristic of the craftsman himself.  Each one had its own individuality in most cases.  It is not too uncommon to find these in antique shops and old furniture stores.  In some respects, wardrobe furniture like these have become collector’s items.

While you probably would find them a bit confining for your modern arsenal of clothing, they were the rule of the day.  Now, the modern closet is much larger than at any other time.  The fact is that we have more clothes in there than ever before as well.  When the wardrobe was first used it held pretty much all of the clothing one would own.  Of course, back then, a man might own several pairs of pants and a handful of shirts.  Likewise, his female companion might have five dresses and some other garments.  These could all fit nicely in a single wardrobe.  However, as time has passed, there is just not enough room in these smaller-sized closets to fit everything we own.

We’ve mentioned how the wardrobe design features of the past have long since been forgotten in many respects.  The craftsman that would have adorned his pieces with some hand-turned legs or some detailed figurines would now find his work replaced by manufacturing preciseness.  The detailing has been replaced with more sleek lines or angular features.  Now, it is more common to want the wardrobe to blend into the space; if you even have one in there in the first place.  Yes, the wardrobe furniture closets of yesteryear are probably relegated to the antique world for now.

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