Vacuuming your Lawn

Published on January 17 2010 by GuestPoster in Landscaping


Ever tried to vacuum your lawn? You must have been either crazy or deranged! If you know better the vacuum cleaner is supposed to be used for the floorings at home not in your yard, garden or lawn! The main problem is that there are many minute particles like soil and sand that you do not want going into and clogging up your vacuum cleaner if you do vacuum your lawn. These are things which you want to stay on your garden. Then the garden being exposed to the outdoors, has plenty of moisture also and the things that get sucked into the vacuum cleaner would be wet and may corrode the electronic parts of the cleaner. Hence the vacuum cleaner is definitely not designed to be used for outdoor lawn vacuuming!

So what is the proper equipment that is designed for such cleaning? If you are thinking about the lawn mower then you are wrong because the lawn mower is for cutting the grass of the lawn. Actually the correct answer would be the lawn sweeper. Strange why they didn’t call it the lawn vacuum machine or the lawn hoover but my guess is that it does not use vacuum or hoover technology to suck up the trash or dirt or dead leaves from the lawn. Just get a push lawn sweeper and it actually acts like the vacuum cleaner for the lawn!

The next time you do your lawn do remember to use the right equipment like the lawn sweeper. If you are doing some gutter cleaning, please use a proper gutter cleaner or hire the gutter cleaning service. Do not let me catch you using a vacuum cleaner again! Yes I know that there are many crazy people out there trying to use the vacuum cleaner to clean everything but seriously this is just not possible.

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