Quilts covers are a unique way to change the appearance of your home and establish a theme. Quilts come in a variety of designs and colors to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Traditionally, quilts were used in the bedroom but they can also be used all through the home. Here are some creative ways to display quilt covers throughout your space.

Creating matching bedspreads or throw pillows for your bed and sofas will allow you to extend your summer theme from the bedroom to the living room. Pillows are easy to make but using a sewing matching makes it so much easier. It’s worth the investment because you will need it for the rest of your project. Before you create the covers for your throw pillows, decide whether you want to cover both sides with the quilt pattern or just one. All you’ll need is a pair of scissors, your pattern and your sewing machine but if you choose to create your pillows from scratch, you’ll need some foam.

Other alternative uses for an old quilt
Once they have outlived their usefulness most quilts are simply thrown away. The following are some interesting ways that you can get some extra life out of that old quilt.

Quilts have a reputation for making great bed spreads but did you know they make stylish head boards? All you need is a sturdy piece of wood that’s the width of your bed, some fabric glue, wood staples, scissors, foam (optional) and a quilt of your choice. Then put it all together and place it on the wall above your bed.

You can use quilts to cover tissue holders and end tables in the bathroom and living room. Make shower curtains or even pictures to hang on the wall. If you’d like to include the kitchen in your project you can make covers for your bread basket and appliances. You can further challenge yourself by making covers for your furniture and topping it off with some thin quilted drapes to cover your windows. With this project, the only limit is your imagination. These are great ways to reuse a quilt that has been damaged.

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