This article was written by Alyssa Peters, who writes about everything from home decor to small appliances over at TImberAndTextiles.com.

Everyone knows that small appliances make our lives so much more convenient.  Where would we all be without our toaster ovens, coffee machines, and super fast microwaves?  But the one negative about these little time savers is that they are so boring looking.  Who wants to stare at a kitchen full of black, white, or stainless steel appliances all day long?

The answer to this problem is to make one of those appliances stand out.  Why not start with the microwave?  Give it a makeover, a facelift, whatever you want to call it, but just get a new look for that speedy little food re-heater.  A microwave that’s a brilliant fire engine red will spice up your kitchen like nothing else, and make you simply excited to go and heat something up.

If you think that that sounds a bit outlandish, think again.  You can find red microwaves for sale in just about any home goods store you walk into.  Red is the hottest color when it comes to colored appliances, and the stores aren’t leaving red out.  It should be relatively simple to find a microwave that is not just the right shade of red, but that has the features that you are looking for and is at a competitive price as well.

If the idea of running from one store to another is not so very appealing, consider ordering online instead.  There are plenty of online retailers that sell microwaves that are red, and you can usually find prices that are even better than the ones that the brick and mortar stores advertise.  In fact, you can often find that you qualify for free shipping as well.

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