A lot of people these days want to grow their own fruit and veg.  This might be because they want to get their kids to eat healthier or perhaps they want to save money.  If you are new to growing food, then you can start by growing in containers.

Potatoes are a great way to start because they are easy to grow in a container and also everybody loves to eat potatoes.  You can eat them fried, mashed and in salads so you won’t have a shortage of ways to eat them.  The potatoes you plant in the compost can either be old potatoes that have begun to sprout or seed potatoes you buy from a gardening shop.  Learn more about growing potatoes in planter bags.

Cabbages are another popular vegetable to grow in containers.  The are actually a startling array of cabbages you can grow and many of them are ornamental and come in various colors including purple.  Unlike some other vegetables, you can grow cabbages all year round.

Carrots are another good basic vegetable to grow and can be used in cooking and also in salads so they will also be a produce you will be able to eat easily.  Carrots can also be grown for 9 months of the year depending on where you live.  Ideally the container you plant the carrots in will be at least 12 inches deep.  If you want to grow in a smaller pot then you can grow short stumpy varieties such as Suko or Rondo.

Generally speaking, the best vegetables to grow are compact or tumbling plants rather than tall plants.  Other ideas for what to grow in your containers include chilli peppers, sweet peppers, certain tomatoes, strawberries and herbs.

Hopefully you’ll now have a fairly good idea of what you can and can’t grow in a container.  Container growing is a great way to get started and is suitable for even the smallest of gardens.

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