Once having decided to purchase an outdoor rug as a means to improve the look and functionality of your outdoor living space, it is necessary to investigate the many types of outdoor rugs. With outdoor rugs becoming so popular as a home decor item, the options in size, color, texture, and materials requires some thought to make your choice a perfect one for your specific environment.

Durability is the primary concern. Your outdoor carpet will have to stand up to all the elements can throw at it and still retain its color and structural integrity for years. If you want an all-natural look for your outdoor space, be it porch, patio, or gazebo, natural bamboo or sisal twine braided rugs will provide good service although they require some extra care occasionally. The longest lasting outdoor rugs are made of 100% stabilized polypropylene. This strong synthetic fabric can be woven into either flat rugs or can be made to imitate the pushiness of indoor carpet. It can be colored and patterned any way imaginable so as to match any design decor.

Size is also important. Depending on the area you wish to use it in, a small area rug may accent other elements of the outdoor space. If full coverage is required, a full area outdoor rug may be needed. While small patterned rugs can be incorporated in a design, usually full area rugs of a solid color or simple pattern will help show off your design elements without making the space appear too “busy.”

Deciding on the outdoor rug is as important to good home decor as picking the carpets inside your home. If you are seeking to extend the interior design to your outdoor space you will need to find outdoor rugs that match or compliment your existing decor. A well thought out outdoor rug purchase can provide both satisfaction and practicality in presenting your home living spaces in a well-designed appealing manner.

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