Tiffany lamps are one of the most classic and beloved table lighting options. Marked by their multi-colored glass shades, they can be found in almost any size or color combination, which makes working them into a design scheme simple. Whether you are decorating a room that to suit a lamp that you already own, or you are choosing a new lamp to provide the finishing touch to an already furnished rooms, there are a number of ways that home decorators can display this beautiful piece.

One of the more traditional placements for a Tiffany or Tiffany-style lamp is in a den or game room. They are the perfect way to add a coziness and warmth to monochrome browns, regardless of whether or not they are in use. To outfit a room decorated with brown leathers and heavy desks, opt for one of the more staid color combinations, featuring browns, reds, and oranges. When turned on, they will fill the room with a soft glow, providing supplemental lighting with a decorative bent.

For light, airy living or bedrooms, consider a palette of blues, white and pastels. Matching one or more of the colors present in the lamp to another design feature in the room, such as the curtains or a rug, will make the look seem more deliberate and coordinated. Another benefit of these lightly colored panels is that they will allow more light to shine through than panels of a darker color. These lamps should provide more than enough light to create a small corner reading nook or a place from which one can do some work in the evenings.

There is really no incorrect placement for Tiffany lamps. Whether you are hoping to add one to your home to provide a room with a centerpiece, or you hope to scatter them throughout, their patterns and colors are a great way to express your individual style with taste and flair.

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