You should truly consider the advantages of a platform bed frame. This style frame can help you achieve an elegant, modern style in your bedroom decor. There is an even more elegant advantage–this kind of bed frame often eliminates the need for a box spring. It supplies wonderful support, so anyone seeking a bed with enough firmness to help with back pain should not overlook the characteristics of this frame. Yet they are such a simple item that some people actually construct their own although buyers can find them for sale. No special woods or advanced carpentry skills are necessary when selecting one for purchase or creating one from scratch.

Wether you’re looking for a twin, full, king or queen platform bed frame, you can find them from materials as varied as metal or cardboard. The material used to make the frame affects the type of mattress. A bed frame made with metal bars would not be suitable for example for use with a memory foam mattress. To prevent any problem with the combination of frame and mattress, place a sturdy piece of plywood directly on the bars before installing the mattress. Most platform bed frames use heavy cardboard; however, although they do work well they are not very durable and wear out years before the mattress. The best overall choice for durability is solid wood.

To be truly sturdy the wood parts should be connected with screws rather than nails, as nails can work their way out, bend, etc. However, a method even superior to screws is mortise and tenon joinery. This ancient method of creating joints works like one puzzle piece fitting into another. The tenon is like the puzzle piece with the projecting part that must fit perfectly with the opening cut in the other puzzle piece, which in the wood is the mortise. This method of joining creates extremely durable joints for angles.

This method of making a strong angular joint requires no special equipment other than skill in measuring and cutting one piece of wood to fit the other. An individual with modest do-it-yourself skills can get plans at Internet sites. The costs are quite modest.

Before putting forth the effort to build this kind of frame, or investing in purchase of one, any interested person should do a bit of research such as sampling a bed with this kind of support to see how it feels. There are many advantageous to owning and using these platform frames and certainly their value makes checking out the great possibilities worthwhile.

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