So many of us are naturally inclined to turn to huge home furniture centers that sell expensive new pieces rather than turning to unfinished furniture stores or second hand furniture stores. These stores offer a wealth of furniture pieces that are unfinished. The benefit of this is that they are ready to prime, paint or stain so you can take them home and pretty much do whatever you want with them.

You can find pieces for half the price of regularly priced furniture. Obviously this is because you have to do all the work of finishing the pieces yourself. If you are working with a tight budget it is more than worth it.

When shopping for unfinished pieces look for the most solid of woods such as oak. This is one of the thickest and most sturdy woods. There are red and white oak furniture pieces you can find. It is durable so even if you buy used you know you are making a good investment. Especially for high traffic areas of the home such as the living room and kids bedrooms you do not have to worry about your furniture getting ruined.

Even if kids or pets create nicks or scratches in your furniture you can touch it up pretty easily. Plus you know you did not spend thousands of dollars buying pieces of new finished furniture so it is not such a stress.

When you decide it is time for a change with your home furnishings or maybe are moving and are starting from the ground up, visiting second hand stores and unfinished furniture outlets can be greatly to your benefit. Not only will it help you save money but it also allows you to personalize your furniture pieces and get them looking just the way you want them.

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