The Beauty of Glass Sinks

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A glass sink can make an elegant addition to your kitchen or bathroom, bringing a modern style to a basic feature and providing an unmistakable visual focal point. Glass sinks can be customized in a unique shape, serving double duty as a piece of art in addition to a bath fixture.

The most commonly found model of glass sink, the glass vessel sink, features a glass bowl perched on top of the counter through which the drain runs, and fed by a faucet hovering directly overhead. The soothing image created by a glass ink can be integrated easily into the rest of the room’s design, since glass is an incredibly versatile substance that can be frosted, etched or modified in countless ways to complement your décor.

Another clever model of glass bathroom sink can be found at, and consists of a wavy sheet of glass molded to give the appearance of a wave of water cascading around the sink and over the countertop. Glass sinks can be designed to imitate the motion or appearance of water itself, which creates a stunning effect when the sink is in use and actually filled with water. In contrast to this ode to nature, glass sinks can also be found in stark lines that mesh well with minimalist design schemes.

Glass vessel sinks are not limited to simple bowls design; several variations on shape take the form of freestanding boxes or stylized forms, which resemble sea shells. Colored glass, mosaic tiles, and custom painted designs can be utilized to underline the vessel sink’s artistic elements further.

glass sinkAs an alternative to a bulky counter space, glass sinks are often installed in combination with a freestanding pedestal, which continues the design theme and frees up extra space in the bathroom. Because the options for glass sink presentations are limitless, they are the ideal special touch for a remodeling project, whether the entire room is overhauled or a few replacements are made strategically to revolutionize the room’s appearance.

Many glass sink websites offer extensive photo galleries, which can be extraordinarily helpful in gaining an understanding of how the sink should be incorporated into a room to fit its atmosphere. Glass sinks need certain considerations in terms of maintenance, as exposure to water in excess of 120 degrees can shatter or crack the glass. Cleaning a glass sink requires similar techniques employed for porcelain sinks, and as long as the fixture is properly installed by a professional plumber, there should not be any complications.

The best sources to browse selections and prices for a glass sink are websites devoted exclusively to the product, such as, and The typical range for a quality glass sink is from $100 to $300 dollars, while elaborate or custom designs may cost more.

A faucet will usually need to be purchases separately, but is generally available through the same manufacturer or retailer. A coordinating mirror or vanity is a good way to maximize the impact of the glass sink, which will provide a major improvement in the appearance of your bathroom.

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