Stone fireplaces come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Nevertheless, no matter which style your choose for your home, you will be gaining an excellent selling point, beautiful focal point, and an enjoyable feature to your home. Fireplaces not only help to provide us with warmth on a cold winter’s day, but they are a beautiful addition to any room.

The most common stone fireplace design is one where the hearth is in the center of a wall and there is a large stone fireplace mantel and surround. Perhaps the fireplace is built up with a stone step in front so there is a comfortable place to sit while making a fire. The stone surround is probably only stone tile or slabs though rather than solid stone. The tiles or slabs are adhered to the wall in a thin layer so that the weight is not an issue. Stone is a great material for a fireplace surround because it is not flammable. If for some reason a fire where to get our of hand and leave the hearth. The stone surrounding it would provide a deterrent to the flame jumping to other flammable parts of the room like the walls and ceiling.

Another popular fireplace design is the corner fireplace. Instead of having the hearth in the center of a wall, the hearth is positioned in the corner of the room. This is a good place to put wood burning fireplaces because they require a chimney of some kind and you can choose an outside corner to make things easier. Corner woodburning fireplace designs are similar to the ones in the center of a wall in that they are often built up so that there is a step to sit on in front of the fireplace. The step is shaped like a large triangle and goes from one wall to another. Then, the fireplace chimney has a triangular opening that continues up to the ceiling. If this entire structure is made of stone blocks or covered in stone tiles, it can be quite heavy. So, it is a good idea to use the load bearing walls of the outside of your home as supports.

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