If you are someone who loves simplicity, you tend to paint your wall with neutral background such as white, beige or ivory. However, being impartial should not be equal to monotonous design leading to a lifeless room. Despite having neutral colored walls, a living room can still be creative by doing the following options.

Painting the walls of living room with neutral color such as white or beige allows the designer or the homeowner to be more flexible in designing the room. Neutral colors absorb any kind of color around the room. Try adding colors by putting flower vases full of different cut flowers, picture frames that have colored photos and some wall decorations like sceneries or artwork that could contrast with the wall’s color.

If there is a big couch in the living room, the addition of throw pillows of different colors may also add life to the room. As of today, couches are usually offered with throw pillows as complimentary items. However, the sofa and throw pillows have been designed with same fabric and design, which results to dullness because there is no variation at all. To avoid that, you can try changing the covers of the throw pillows.

In addition to the color variation of seating furniture, you may also add extra tall bar stools as complimentary furniture for the large couch. This kind of bar stool is now available in different colors and addition of at least two or three pieces of it can already make a statement for the living room. The sleek design and perfectly chosen color of bar stool could somehow break the neutrality of the room’s color.

From accessories to furniture, people can also use area rugs or carpet on the floor to add color to the room. The fabric’s color of the area rug or carpet should match with the color of furniture and other decorative designs. Area rugs and carpets convey the finishing touches to any room it has been placed to.

There is no need to repaint your wall in order to bring life into your living room. By just adding brightly colored objects, accessorizing your side tables and proper selection of home fixtures, you can already change the mood of your room. Having a neutral background allows home designer to change living room’s aura by simply changing the accessories or furniture, without the need of repainting.

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