A futon mattress is often subjected to worse conditions than other upholstered furniture. When placed in dorm rooms or spare rooms, they are called upon to do double duty, both as a couch as well as a bed. Covers tend to be magnets for food and beverage stains, and often look worn after only a few months of use. Though futons are relatively cheap in terms of furniture, replacing a futon, or even just the mattress will generally cost a few hundred dollars. However, there are some things that anyone can do to bring an old futon mattress back to life.

A futon cover is always a good idea. While a sheet may be used, they rarely remain in place when the futon is being used as a couch. Instead of using a standard sheet, find a cover that will completely envelope the futon. This way, it will stay in place, regardless of the manner in which the futon is being used. Finding a cover that is machine washable makes it easy to get rid of any stains that may develop.

While washing a cover regularly is a good idea, washing them too frequently will cause fading. Try to spot clean your futon mattress whenever possible, instead of throwing the entire cover into the wash. If the stain is relatively small, this will not only yield better results, but it will also keep the futon mattress from fading. To get rid of stains most effectively, try to deal with them as soon as they happen.

Most futon mattress are made of canvas, or some other heavy, durable material. When rips appear, take the time to stitch them closed with a heavy tapestry needle and thread. Those that happen on a seam should be easily fixed and will look as good as new with just a few minutes of work.

There is no need to throw away your old futon mattress from college. With a little care, it can look as good as new.

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