The Modern Platform Bed

Published on December 07 2009 by GuestPoster in Bedroom


A platform bed is the perfect bed frame for those who wish to conserve space or create a sleek, modern look in their bedroom. Platform beds are beds that do not feature a traditional head or footboard. Instead, the bed frame extends only to the edge of the mattress. Some platform beds offer built in under-bed storage, perfect for homes or apartments in which space is at a premium. If you are considering updating your bedroom furniture, consider purchasing a new platform bed.

The cost of a new platform bed will depend on the size and the materials from which it is made. Solid wood is typically the most expensive option, but is favored by many who like the look of matching bedroom furniture sets. If cost is an issue, beds with wood veneers are less costly but just as sturdy as solid wood. One can also expect to pay significantly more for a king sized bed than one would for a double.

photo_8767_20091016Many of the platform bed styles currently on offer by both well known discount furniture retailers as well as luxury furniture stores have built in storage. When closed, these drawers will be flush with the bed frame, taking up no additional space in a bed room. They provide the perfect place for storing extra bedding or items that are used only seasonally. Do be aware that beds that feature storage drawers are usually more expensive than models that do not.

In most cases, a box spring will not be required for those using a platform bed. The style is often marked by a solid sheet of wood that will fully support the mattress. These beds are ideal for those who prefer a firm bed or wish to save the added expense that a box spring can represent. If you are someone who enjoys a great deal of support while you sleep, a platform bed may be right for you.

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