Outdoor Cooking While Camping

Published on July 28 2010 by GuestPoster in Patio & Garden


Summer is here and there is still a long stretch of it left yet!  Chances are you and your family will be spending at least one weekend this summer camping or in the wilderness and that means you need to be prepared to do a little outdoor cooking.  Of course, a first aid kit is necessary and, so are sleeping arrangements and entertainment items but the most important thing you will need while spending time in the great outdoors is food and water.  This does not need to be a complicated matter and your meals need not be hard to prepare!  First of all, make sure you have a lot of food that can be easily accessible, already prepared and non-perishable.  Things like granola bars, trail mix and canned goods are good to have around if you need something in a hurry or run out of other foods or just do not feel like cooking anything.  Bring along a lot of fresh drinking water as well and add ice to keep it cool for as long as possible.

Any cooking you do will take some time and effort but not so much that your day will be spent cooking!  If you are camping with an RV, there will be outlets to plug appliances into, all you have to do is find a power source which is easy no a campground or picnic park.  If you are camping in a tent, you will not have a power source at your site.  One way to cook is with a portable gas grill.  These are very easy to use and safe if you follow the directions and only use it for the purpose of cooking.  You will, of course, need pots and pans to cook on and once the stove is heated up, you can begin.  You can also boil water on it to make tea or coffee and if you run out of fresh drinking water, you can boil water that can be gathered from a natural source to get rid of any bacteria and make it safe to drink.  If you have a stove that needs to be plugged into an outlet, many campgrounds have designated areas where you can do this.

If you prefer to really rough it while out in the great outdoors, you can always cook over an open fire!  Get a stick and get after it.  Trust me, there is nothing like it!

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