If your garage floor looks dirty or it is full of oil spills and other grime, it may be time for you to do something with it. There are several options for covering up or re-doing flooring that you can choose from.

One of the simplest methods is to purchase floor mats that are specifically designed for garages. They come in different designs, most of which are channeled to allow water and other liquids to roll off. Popular designs include ribbed mats, diamond mats, and coin designed mats. You do not need to do anything, other than a cursory cleaning your floor before laying the matting down. It will cover up any stains and due to the designs on the mats it will also keep your floor clean.

Another option is to lay floor tiles down. A good floor tile should be able to withstand damage from oil spills, chemical spills, grease spills, anti-freeze spills and they should also be able to hold up to being driven on by heavy vehicles including small trucks. They look great, often forming a checker board pattern. Some tiles simply lock together to form a new floor, while others are self-adhesive. Most tiles are very easy to place.

Finally, a more long term and slightly more complex solution to upgrading your flooring is to actually paint the floor with special garage flooring paint and then cover with an epoxy solution. This takes quite a bit longer than simply laying tiles or matting down, as you have to wait for the paint to dry very well between applications. However, it is a very good longer term solution that also keeps your garage looking very clean and neat. The site, floors-web.com has several very good posts that go into more details on exactly how to apply each of these methods to the flooring of your garage and it is well worth checking out if you are planning on upgrading in this way.

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