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Published on April 16 2010 by GuestPoster in Home Design


It is amazing how homes made from logs that were only seen in hilly places can now be seen in metropolitan areas today. A lot of people are not aware of the fact that these log homes can be built in two possible ways; the first method is by handcrafting the house on the actual site, or the house can be manufactured in an environment that is controlled and just assembled on the site. Many people prefer the second method known as building a modular log home because their dream log house can be created wherever they want their home to be located.

Some people are worried about how to refinance a modular home but the fact is that it’s the same as any other home.  Just check with the lender to see what their thoughts on the matter are.  However, a modular home is normally the same as any other type and shouldn’t be confused with mobile homes or manufactured homes.

It is a fact that choosing to build a modular log home is the more feasible and convenient method when compared to constructing a log home from scratch on a particular area. One reason why building a modular log home is more convenient is because you will be able to avoid the risk of wasting materials. Unlike building a home on site, a modular log home is planned carefully in a very controlled environment that is why every material is designed in the best possible manner.

The woods used for this type of home are homogenous logs that have been milled and have gone through saw mills. As a matter of fact, wood is really considered as one of the best materials used in creating houses because they are easier to modify compared to the other materials out there such as brick, glass and even concrete. The woods used in these homes are taken from pine, cedar, spruce or fir. Among these, cedar is known as the most expensive while pine is considered as the cheapest.

Knowing all these information about modular log homes, it is now up to you to decide whether choosing to build this type of home will really benefit you depending on your needs.

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