It’s hard sometimes to settle on just one theme for your home, and most people in fact don’t choose just one; rather, they will quite often mix and match items and designs from several diverse genres in order to achieve the appearance they’re looking for. But you have to put a little forethought into this kind of decorating – just throwing a bunch of random stuff together in the same room and calling it a done deal most likely isn’t going to look too good.

If you’re going to blend things up a little, use some common sense. For example, do not combine contemporary design with rustic furnishings, because it’s going to look like a room-sized collage made by a five-year-old. However, you can definitely get away with mixing old and new western décor since both make use of the overall same colors and intentions. Also, wall quotes can fit with just about any theme, be it rural or modern. No, cowboys didn’t have wall stickers, but they also didn’t have overpriced cowboy décor, so you get to bend the rules a bit as far as the room’s scheme. As a small side note, if you’re going to customize a wall sticker for your home, make sure you spell the sentence(s) correctly; unless you live out in the backwoods of Mississippi or the people you socialize with are all teens, you are pretty much guaranteed to have one literate friend who will notice the error in something like, “Home is wher the hart is.” Spell check is your friend, I promise.

Another idea is mixing subtle colors with maybe one bright shade that stands out. An example would be having the room painted, carpeted, floored and otherwise mostly decorated with shades of brown or tan, and then add some bright blue couch cushions and throw pillows. Or maybe have dark brown furniture with a bright green wall. Certain bright colors may be hard to find, but blues and greens will be easiest to locate as far as couches, pillows and rugs.

This is a crazy idea…paint one whole room – floor and ceiling – in the same color, such as blue or orange. Then, put a single piece of furniture in that room that’s a different and largely contrasting color, such as dark purple or black. Don’t be afraid to be creative; after all, it’s your home, so feel free to decorate it as you see fit. If you want to hang bodies you stole from the morgue off the ceiling with fishing line, then that’s your choice; and if that is your choice, I strongly advise investing in plenty of air freshener if you intend to have guests over.

Mixing and matching is an art form that gets perfected over time, much like any other skill. Sometimes you will just see that perfect piece to add to your home, whether it’s at a high-end furniture store or the back aisle at Goodwill. Follow your gut; unless you’re experiencing bowel distress, it won’t lead you astray.

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