A daybed is one of the most functional pieces of furniture available. Whether you choose an option with a metal, wooden or cushioned frame, they can easily accommodate up to three people while seated, and provide an extra twin sized bed for overnight guests. In order to get the most use from your daybed, it is important to decide what its primary function will be. This will provide guidance both in terms of frame and fabric selection as well as an idea of how it should be accessorized.

For those who will be using this piece primarily as a bed, the traditional metal frame models remain the best choice. Not only are they beautiful, but most come equipped with a true mattress, making them comfortable enough to sleep on every night. This mattress also makes finding and fitting sheets far easier, and they are more likely to stay in place. While metal frames will provide adequate back support for reading or watching television, the lack of padding makes using them in this way uncomfortable in the long term.

Daybeds that are designed to resemble generously stuffed couches or love seats are great options for occasional use by adults. While their fully supportive cushions will provide a solid night’s sleep, they are generally not a good alternative to a traditional bed. The size of the sleep surface provided by most of these daybeds is most comparable to a twin sized mattress, making them a bit small for most adults. However, these cushioned daybeds are a much better option for reading, studying or watching television. Each of the three supportive sides is completely padded, so they can be comfortably reclined in for hours at a time.

Deciding whether a metal, wooden, or padded daybed is right for your home depends on the manner in which it will be most frequently used.

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