As children grow, it can be difficult to ensure that their twin bed remains comfortable. With a few modifications, it is possible to make a child’s old twin bed last through their teenage years, which can save hundreds of dollars.. These simple tips are easy to implement at little cost.

Remove the headboard and/or footboard. Even if they do not encroach on the mattress, these extras can make the user feel confined. By removing these elements, the bed will immediately feel more spacious. Most bed frames allow for the easy detachment of the headboard without too much work. This modification will not only make the bed feel bigger, it will also mean that it takes up less space in the room, making it feel more spacious.

Invest in some grown-up bedding. There is a point at which children are ready to dispense with the themed sheets and pillow cases. Opting for bedding in solid colors will make the bed look larger and more inviting. Take some of the money that you will be saving on a new bed frame and mattress and use it to get some higher thread count sheets or blankets. These upgrades will make any bed feel more comfortable and will eliminate the tossing and turning that makes even a large bed feel small.

Remove the decorative pillows. While decorative pillows are often featured in home magazines, the truth is that they can take up space in a bed. Taking these pillows away will open up more of the mattress at night, and will save the time that it takes to remove them before bedtime. One need not throw them away. Instead, move them to a couch or chair in another room of your home.

In most cases, a twin bed can be modified to suit a growing child, eliminating the need to invest in a full or queen sized frame.

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