When you are trying to find a good juicer machine to buy, what features should you look for? Manufacturers don’t make it easy to compare machines, and with good reason – if you are confused, you are more likely to buy something on an impulse. Something like a pretty picture on the box, or seeing the juicer being used by a celebrity is often enough to cause people to buy.

A good juicer should be easy to use. Look for the following:

1. A nice big, wide chute for ingredients. This way you will not need to spend ages chopping up your fruits and vegetables into small pieces.
2. A big juice catcher, and a big pulp catcher. It is extremely annoying to have to stop 3 or 4 times during every batch of juice to empty the liquid and the pulp. Nice big hoppers save time and potential mess.
3. Reasonably solid construction. By this I just mean that it heavy enough, and solid enough to not vibrate and slide about when it is running, as some really cheap models do!
4. An easy clean, durable finish. Stainless steel juicers are ideal because they don’t scratch and discolor. They always look better for longer, which is nice of course.

When you are comparing the models you like, remember to check that they actually do everything that you want them to. A big mistake many people make is to buy a cheap, basic juicer and expect it to juice wheat grass. Unfortunately, for all the benefits of wheat grass juice, it is really hard to juice – you will need a juicer that specifically states that it can juice wheat grass.

If you are looking at a dedicated wheat grass juicer, then your options are a bit more limited – in a good way! Most hand powered wheat grass juicers are quite compact, and work on the same principle: You turn a crank handle, which turns a crushing auger which juices the grass. Your main choice will be between a plastic juicer, or a stainless steel juicer.

Again the advantages of stainless over plastics are fairly obvious – it is stronger and harder wearing, making it a long term companion.

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