Kids and Their Canopy Beds

Published on May 09 2010 by GuestPoster in Bedroom


I love my boy Sam, he’s got such a great little imagination on him. I love the fact that he can keep himself amused for hours with the simplest things. He’ll go off around the house and I won’t see him for an hour and then he’ll come back telling me about his great adventures.

Yesterday, he somehow managed to contrive some massive detective story just making use of our bedroom canopies. Apparently the curtains on the canopy bed can be pulled shut and reopened in so many combinations that Sam is able to recreate up to ten different locations if he wants.

With the canopy curtains closed and him inside the bed becomes a cave in which he lives. Occasionally he will venture from the cave to hunt and when he’s finished off whatever prey he’s tracking he drags the poor beast back to his lair!

With the canopy drapes open he’ll sit on the end of the bed like royalty handing out orders to all his loyal servants. I guess you can imagine what category his parents fall into. From this position on his imaginary throne he watches and comments on various jousting or gladiatorial entertainment.

And there was me thinking it was just a bed to sleep in.I don’t remember being that creative when I was his age. Maybe I was but have just forgotten, ahh the magic of youth.

Anyway the moral of this story is that even a cheap canopy bed can keep your kids entertained for hours and in this day and age finding something to occupy your young ones can be a real godsend. So much better than just sticking them in front of the television.

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