Time to say goodbye to your old mini oven. It is has done its job, and has it done well, but now it is either beyond repair or you simply need a newer model. Please don’t just dump your mini oven in the rubbish, consider to recycle it properly. How you do this depends on a few factors, especially if your mini oven is still working well or not. If it is still in a good, safe to use condition, you can recycle it by giving it to your local charity shop or similar. There are lot of people, like young families and charitable organizations around that would love to have an used mini oven for free or for cheap.

But if your old pal is really beyond repair you should recycle it properly. For this you need to know two things. One is if your home town has any recycling facilities to where you can bring your old oven. If yes, that would be the simplest option for you, you just bring it to them and they take it apart and recycle the parts / materials. If there is no such facility close by, you have to disassemble it yourself and sort the different materials in the different recycle bins of your neighborhood. You know, metal in metal bin, plastic in plastic bin and so on.

That also makes a great project to do with your kids, you can investigate together how a mini oven is build, of what it is made and you teach your children a valuable lesson about green living and the importance of recycling at the same time. Remember, the only thing we can’t recycle in our lives is – Mother Earth. There is only one.  By recycling things and materials that don’t work anymore, or that we don’t need anymore, we help to keep the amount of rubbish we produce to an absolute minimum and save our environment from too much stress.

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