It is not difficult to maintain the thermostatic shower mixer for those who are very careful about they way they clean their bathrooms. There is going to be some maintenance as the units get older, but as long as there are no water leaks, this should not be much of a problem. Most units are going to be placed inside the wall so they do not need much to keep them working well.

The first aspect of maintaining thermostatic shower mixers is in the actual installation. Make sure to install them properly and they are going to work well for years to come. There are units that can be placed on the outside of the shower and these can take a bit more maintenance than the internal units.

Simply keeping the bathroom clean and fixing any leaks that occur is the first step to a long lasting thermostatic shower mixer tap. For internal units, the temperature needs to be set before the unit is closed off. Make sure that everything is clean and dry before patching the holes that the installation created.

This is going to keep as much moisture and mold off of the unit so it will work properly and not seize up. If it does seize up, the unit is going to need to be removed for servicing. Just take it out and take it to a professional to look at or dry it off and see if you can salvage it and save some money.

That is basically all there is to maintaining a thermostatic shower mixer that is installed in the home. Proper installation and cleanup are the most important maintenance tips that should be heeded. Clean the bathroom as normal and repair any water leaks immediately as they become obvious to keep the unit from seizing up.

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