One mouse in your home may not be much of a problem, but you have to remember that rodents multiply very quickly. When you ignore that small mouse scurrying across the kitchen floor, running away with that bread crumb you left at the kitchen counter, you’re in for a lot of trouble. For every mouse you see out in the open, there are about 10 hiding underneath the floor boards, inside your ceiling, in between your walls, and maybe even in the boxes you’ve kept under your bed. Mice droppings can attract a lot of bacteria which can cause a lot of diseases for you and your family. You may also die if a mouse bites you or if you expose an open wound to water which has been contaminated with the rodent’s urine. Because of these health risks, a lot of home owners are looking for way on how to keep mice away from the house and also how to kill them.

You can try to eliminate the problem by purchasing mouse traps around your home. The first thing you have to figure out, though, is the location of their “nest”. Nests mean that there are adult mice constantly coming in and out of the hole to search for food. Look at your floor boards and walls carefully and look for these nasty holes. Situate the traps where you’re almost certain that the rodent will step on it.

Some home owners prefer mouse traps that are basically pieces of paper rolled with adhesive. While this one of the most effective types of mouse traps in the market today, you may have to have a strong stomach to dispose of that trapped rodent. You may also want to set cage traps to trap the rodent without physically hurting it. You can just bring the trapped rodent to the woods and hope that it won’t find its way back into your home again.

There are also chemicals which poison mice. They’re very risky, though, because the mice can die while they’re inside your walls and ceilings. A decomposing animal, no matter how small, is also going to be harmful for you and your family. If you want pest control that’s done fast, you may want to hire a professional.

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