When you purchase a new carpet, you are probably extra careful not to get any stains on it.  However, there is always a chance that you will get stains on your carpet. If you do not know how to remove stains from your carpet than you should better get informed on how to do it. Every stain needs its own approach on removing it and that is why this article will outline how you can remove blood stains from your carpet.

When it comes to removing stains, in most cases you will need hot water but not with removing blood stains. On carpet, blood stains can coagulate when they are mixed with hot water and that is why you should always use cold water instead. When the stain on your carpet is fresh you should use plain cold water. When the stain is there for a few hours than you should use some club soda mixed with cold water.

Acting swiftly is important if you want to get to entire stain removed. The longer you wait the more chance the stain will coagulate and become permanent. You will use cold water and some paper towels, throw some cold water on the blood stain and carefully blot it with the paper towels. Never get tempted to rub instead of blot because that will also increase spreading of the stain (and coagulating of the blood). Repeat the blotting until no more blood is left or until no more blood comes off the carpet. If you were not able to remove the stain than you should use a mix of club soda and water instead.

When the entire stain is removed, you can easily dry your carpet with a hair dryer. If you do not have a hair dryer than put some paper towels on your wet carpet and place something heavy on top of the paper towel in order to soak up the excess water. Remove the towels after a few hours when the carpet is dry again.

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