When you own a crystal chandelier, it is important to keep it clean. These kinds of chandelier are things of beauty, and to get the full benefit of the light reflecting properties of your site you need to make sure that you keep them sparkling. There are a number of things you should do to keep your chandelier clean.

Firstly, you want to make sure that at least weekly you go over it lightly with a feather duster. This will remove the surface layer of dust, and using a feather duster gently won’t damage your chandelier. I would recommend you do this first when clean a room as the dust that falls from your chandelier will cover your other furniture.

Next, I would say that you need to clean your chandelier with a damp, bit not wet, cloth at least every quarter. To do this you can either take the chandelier down or you can go on a stepladder. As crystal chandeliers have a lot of dangles this is a time consuming job, but it is important to keep your chandelier in good condition.

You also need to make sure that you replace any bulbs that blow immediately. When a bulb goes, it puts a slight amount more power to the other bulbs. The chandelier will have been designed to evenly distribute the power around all the bulbs, so it will function far better if you keep all the bulbs working.

It also pays to check that there are not damp patches on your chandelier every so often. As the frame of the chandelier will be metal, it can get cold. As heat rises this can cause condensation to form, so it is certainly worth checking.

If you keep your chandelier in good condition it will last a lifetime. It is important to stay on top of a regular cleaning schedule so that the dust doesn’t build up and make it even more difficult to keep clean.

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