If you live in a climate where the summer evenings are cool, there are several ways you can bring warmth to your patio. You can choose between a fire-pit, fireplace, floor heating unit, or an infrared heater. All of the successful devices are based on radiating heat to the people rather than on heating the air.

If you decide on a floor panel, or an infrared heater, remember that it’s easier to warm a covered patio than one that is open to the sky. Sitting on an open patio at night, you lose heat to the sky. You lost heat to moving air in proportion to the rate of movement. You also lose heat to all nearby surfaces that are colder than you are, With a air temperature of 55 degrees to 60 degrees, the open sky may be equivalent to a ceiling with a temp of 32-39 degrees.  Underneath an overhead, the ceiling will be the same as the air temperature.

A fire-pit radiates heat to those seated around it. The heat comes from the walls of the raised fire-pit as well as the fire itself. A fireplace made of brick or stone is more efficient than is a fire-pit. Before attempting a fireplace, it is advisable to check your local ordinances before even planning on anything of this sort.Radiant heating is probably the most effective and maybe the most expensive way to heat the patio. I don’t think many people choose this option because there are so many other more popular heating methods.Infrared heaters may be either gas or electrical and very effectively warm a patio or deck. Wall and ceiling units are available as well as freestanding, portable models. This units emit infrared rays, reflecting them downward and out. They immediately and effectively warm you, the furniture, and the deck or ground, rather than the outdoor air. These heaters range in various outputs according to their watts and voltages. Article by primearticles.com.

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