Are you looking for fitted bedroom furniture? Unlike buying flat-pack furniture, buying fitted bedroom furniture requires a lot more thought. In is more expensive, and many cases, it cannot be dismantled and moved with you to your new home. In some ways, it is more permanent than a marriage. Once bought and installed in your bedroom, that’s it. You are committed and can no longer make any significant changes. You will have to live with it a good long while. The following are some guidelines you should follow when buying this type of furniture.

Fitted wardrobes do have a great advantage over flat-pack wardrobes – they make optimal use of space. You will really appreciate this quality if you live in a smaller bedroom … common in many newer apartments and houses. However, you should first make sure that you can afford it, in terms of both money and time. Why time? Because unlike flat-pack furniture, custom fitted wardrobes need to be specially installed by a qualified technician. Certain designs may also need special preparation to be done to your bedroom. All these issues need time. In some cases, you may need to wait one month for completion. Do you have this time? If you do not, then a bedroom fitted wardrobe is not for you.

But let us say that you do have both the time and money … that fitted bedroom furniture is for you. How should you prepare to buy it? Most people just go window shopping to see if their local furniture outlets have anything they like. Many jump in the deep end immediately, looking for discounts or trying to bargain the price down. They treat it the same as if they were buying flat-pack furniture.

Unfortunately, this approach does not work very well with regards to custom fitted wardrobes. For one thing, the most common design, the full-carcase built-in wardrobe, is not tolerant of bedrooms with any kind of irregularity, e.g. walls with corners which are not squared off or walls with obstructions. That means you need to know the characteristics of your bedroom well so that you can choose the proper design for your bedroom fitted wardrobe. The easiest way to do this is to make a basic floor plan of your bedroom, noting all the important measurements including the height of your ceiling. You should also take plenty of photographs of your bedroom, and tie it into your floorplan. Once you have all these things done, then you can go shopping. When you see a particular display set that you like, you can show the salesman your bedroom floor plan and photos, and he will be able to advise you on whether or not that design is practical.

Now, an increasing number of people like to shop online, for example on Amazon or Targets, because they can get some good discounts. However, this is not such a good idea when buying fitted bedroom furniture. After all, who is going to install the fitted wardrobes for you? Not only that, but are you sure that the design you chose is suitable for your bedroom? Remember that fitted bedroom furniture is more expensive than flat-pack bedroom furniture, and you cannot afford to make any mistakes.

Under the right circumstances, buying fitted bedroom furniture is a clear and obvious decision. However, choosing the right design requires proper preparation. It is not just about looks.

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