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Published on December 07 2009 by GuestPoster in Patio & Garden


Adding garden lights to your yard is a great way to enhance the look of your existing landscaping. There are a number of different garden light varieties, so you can vary their size and wattage based on the placement in your yard. Most lights can be purchased both online and through most home and garden stores, and are offered at price points to fit any budget.

A traditional garden light variety is the strobe light. Strobe lights are available in a number of different wattages, but they are typically used to light a large area with a high intensity. Halogen lights have become increasingly popular both for their brightness and the crisp, white light they produce. For those who would like to illuminate large landscaping features, or the front of their homes, strobe lights are a perfect choice.

garden-lightsAnother trend in garden lighting is the installation of small lights along a walkway. In most cases, these low lights will be placed on either side of a front or garden pathway spaced just a few feet apart. Though wired lights may be hooked up to a timer, solar lights may be the best option for this particular placement. Solar lights will eliminate the need for wiring, and their solar panels will act as automatic timers, with lights coming on as soon as the sun goes down.

In addition to lights mounted on the ground, more and more people are using strings of lights to decorate foliage in their yard year round. White string lights add a romantic touch to any yard, and their ease of hanging means that installation can be completed in just minutes. If you are considering lighting trees far from your home or an available electrical outlet, string lights that are lit with solar power are a great choice.

Regardless of the lighting scheme that you envision, there are garden lights that will meet your needs.

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