Futon Mattress Ideas for Kids

Published on July 12 2010 by GuestPoster in Furniture


When it comes to getting that first bed for your child, it is an exciting time for both the parents and the child. If you’ve gone through this with another child, then you know the feeling. However, if this is your first, then you’ll quickly come to realize how much independence and magical ‘bigness’ your child will feel from having their own bed. In a traditional sense, the type of bed that most kids get first is some type of ‘theme’ bed, like a race car, a little carriage or some other type of fun bed. It is mostly the frame that makes all of the difference to the child, the mattress is of little concern to them.

But, as the parent, you want your child to be as supported and comfortable as possible. Because of this, you are looking into the various types of mattress styles and features available. This article is about the futon mattress and how it can be used as a great first bed for your child. The reason is quite simple, the mattress is very comfortable and supportive, it is easy to clean, it comes in various sizes and is quite affordable. What else could you want in a first bed?

There are some other considerations, too. When it comes to a mattress, you may have heard of all of this buzz around ‘off-gassing’. This is a term used to describe the fumes that come off or out of many of the products we use around the home. Many manufactured products carry them inherent in their properties. Various furniture, fabrics, bedding and even flooring products have issues with off gassing. The hard science hasn’t shown any definitive results, except to say that these fumes do affect some people with heightened sensitivities. Well, don’t you think a young child would be highly sensitive to these gasses? This is what has prompted this discussion about the kids futon and related bed issues.

While futon mattresses in general are not ‘immune’ to this issue of off gassing, you can find natural futon beds made of organic cottons and other materials that are much safer. You can still opt for a fancy bed frame or get something much more simple. There are also plans that you can find online for how to build your own bed frame. You can go to your local home improvement warehouse and buy the natural wood to build something that is strong enough and stable enough for your little one. Start with a twin futon mattress and then you can get a larger bed as your child grows.

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