Sometimes a homeowner hesitates to invest a lot of money in outdoor lighting.  Many of the decorative fixtures for outdoor lighting can be rather expensive, even at discounted retailers.  Yet there are times when an outdoor sconce becomes available at a reduced price. Such a sconce can be found in the early spring catalogue from Restoration Hardware. It has been included in the company’s “Clear the Deck Sale.”

This light fixture, which is called a “Devon Sconce” can attach to an exterior wall.  It features an adjustable arm, an arm made of oil rubbed bronze. The sconce’s light glows inside of an opal glass shade.

The same group of hardware designers make other types of outside lighting. They have crafted a weathered zinc lantern, one that copies the style of lanterns used in the 19th Century. It has a cathedral like design and a patina finish. This lantern design looks like an adaptation of the typical light in a European garden.

Like a garden light, each of those zinc lanterns have four glass panes. Those panes protect the pillared candle inside of the lantern. At the same time, those panes could amplify any glow that would be emitted by a lighted pillar candle.

At the present time, lantern lovers can choose between cathedral like lanterns and Conservatory Lanterns. Each of the Conservatory lights has a sloping metal roof. Each of the four triangular sides of that roof meet at a central point, a point well above the pillared candle in that lantern like outdoor fixture.

Along with designing Conservatory Lanterns, the makers of the above mentioned exterior lights are about to introduce a line of six sided Belle Epoque Lanterns. Each of those outdoor lanterns contains six glass panels. Those outdoor lights come in five different heights, ranging from five inches to 11 and one half inches. Sale of the Belle Epoque Lanterns will commence in May of 2010.

All of the lanterns described above have a frame made of weathered zinc. Consequently, each of those outdoor lights can withstand exposure to fluctuating temperatures, and any form of precipitation.

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