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A well selected candle holder can make even inexpensive votive candles look like expensive pieces of modern art. Those who are looking for ways to spruce up coffee, dining or end tables will find that there is no option as cost effective or as easily personalized as candle holders. A single holder will lend any room an intimate feel, while a few holders used in multiples can create an eclectic and visually arresting centerpiece. If you are looking for the perfect way to place candle holders, there are a few tips that can ensure that your accent will look like a professionally created art object.

Think about the furniture and art work that already decorates your room when selecting a holder. The best holders are those that will blend well with the pieces that you already have, not those that simply take up space. When decorating a den furnished in warm colors and rustic fabrics like leather, consider an aged, vintage-looking piece, such as those that are made from unfinished wood. They will keep with the theme of the room, while enhancing the character that is already there. For rooms with a more modern sensibility, chrome or glass holders are great options that will match any color palette. Both geometrical shapes and traditional configurations will work well in these spaces.

Do not be afraid to mix and match styles and colors. Varying the heights of the holders that will be displayed is a great way to add some texture and depth to your piece. If you will be using a few mismatched holders, it is best to use at least three different pieces to ensure that the look appears deliberate. Another tip when searching for holders that will work well together is to use only those that are composed of the same material through. This means that glass holders should be paired with others made from glass, and ceramics should be used with other ceramic pieces. Again, using a few different colors is fine so long as the material stays the same.

As your candle holder design becomes more intricate, the candles that you use should be more simple. If your holders will be in a few different colors, it is best to stick with stark white candles to keep the look elegant. Remember that shorter candles are the most versatile, while taller candles may be used in dining areas and on side tables.

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3 Ideas for Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments http://www.homeandgardenco.com/3-ideas-for-sliding-glass-door-window-treatments http://www.homeandgardenco.com/3-ideas-for-sliding-glass-door-window-treatments#comments Fri, 13 Aug 2010 15:18:07 +0000 GuestPoster http://www.homeandgardenco.com/?p=1245 The windows and doors provide a house with an exquisite outside view as well as the necessary protection from sunlight and indoor privacy. Sliding glass doors are a modern way of providing the house or apartment with elegance as well as security and it is important to take good care of them. There are various ways of providing a sliding glass door window treatment. However, it is important for people to consider some factors before employing the window treatments for instance amount of traffic that comes through the door and the amount of light entering the room. Some of the stylish window treatment options for a sliding glass doors include the following.

Plantation Shutters
Starting with the traditional and authentic window treatment option, plantation shutters offer a clean classical magnificent and timeless look for sliding glass doors. The good thing about these shutters is that they can be customized to cater for the different needs of the homeowners.

Curtains And Drapes
The combination of these two options have proven to be very good as a a sliding glass door window treatment. Using the traditional draperies often adds a rich and luxurious feel into the room. This is perhaps the reason why this option will never go out of style. Similarly, there is the option of the tab-top curtains for those who adore the casual look of the room.

Bamboo Shades
One of the most unique and inexpensive curtain ideas for sliding glass doors are bamboo shades. They provide the room with an exotic island feel due to their natural and unique look. People can hang two separate blinds for each half of the sliding door or use a large shade for the entire window. Ensure that the space between the door and the shade for easy rolling up and allowing enough light once the door stays open.

People can use various blinds for window treatments for instance the horizontal sliding panel track blinds, the vertical blinds and the double horizontal blinds.

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Simmons Adjustable Beds for Quality Life and Sleep http://www.homeandgardenco.com/simmons-adjustable-beds-for-quality-life-and-sleep http://www.homeandgardenco.com/simmons-adjustable-beds-for-quality-life-and-sleep#comments Wed, 11 Aug 2010 08:06:09 +0000 GuestPoster http://www.homeandgardenco.com/?p=1244 For elders who are having some annoying physical conditions and that would require their heads, torso or legs to be slightly elevated – the use of adjustable beds elderly is very obvious. Moreover, those people suffering from heartburn, respiratory issues, hip problems or inflammation but still sleeping on a traditional flat bed, is not good. They too need good bed replacement in the form of Simmons adjustable beds.

No matter how good or bad our physical conditions are, we are not meant to lay on a flat surface for a long time for our body can’t be supported enough and that’s why we can feel body sore every time we wake up. Our body is not flat; it has natural curves and sways and when we are only using traditional beds to sleep, pressure or tension points strike, leading to body pain. So, are you now aware why you wake up with pain? Simmons adjustable beds will help us find the best sleeping positions and in getting a restful sleep.

Do you want to wake up feeling relaxed and energized as if you are fully ready to rule the world? I’m sure it’s not only you but all of us. Why wake up with pain if we can wake up having a relaxed feeling. With Simmons adjustable beds, no more pain struggle, no more sleepless nights and no more inconvenience.

Simmons adjustable beds allow users to do whatever they like to do while in bed. They can just watch TV or read while sitting on it, they can just tilt, lean on their back or sleep for long. Disturbances in sleeping are out of the picture for adjustable beds are completely available these days.

Adjust Simmons adjustable beds according to your hearts desires and needs and put your feet or position your body whenever you want. Sit if you want, sleep when you’re tired or simply do whatever you want.

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The Sectional Sofa http://www.homeandgardenco.com/the-sectional-sofa http://www.homeandgardenco.com/the-sectional-sofa#comments Wed, 11 Aug 2010 05:55:16 +0000 GuestPoster http://www.homeandgardenco.com/?p=1243 Space is decadence. There is a feeling of freedom when you are blessed with so much space in your home. A lot of space also gives you that feeling that you are rich. Now, what do you do when you are blessed with such a space, but you find out that you are not as blessed as far as you budget is concerned in buying furniture?  Why not buy a sectional sofa?

There are a lot of things that you can do with a sectional sofa. You can set it up as one cohesive creation in your chosen area of the living room. You can also take it apart and treat it as if you have two sofa sets facing each other. If you buy a big enough sectional sofa, you may even break them into three pieces giving you the illusion that you had bought three different sets for the living room.

There are so many styles available. Sectional sofas are available in all colors and color combinations. They may be upholstered in fabric like cotton chintz; leather, or faux leather; and they can even be upholstered in plastic.

A sectional sofa usually is made up of a sofa, a chaise, an ottoman, and an individual armchair. A sofa of course is an upholstered seat for more than one person. A chaise is a long chair for reclining. An ottoman is a cushion meant for sitting which is usually square and without a backrest. There may be two or more of any component of a sectional sofa, thus there may be two sofas, two armchairs, two ottomans, and two chaises. There can also be less than one of any of the components. They can be arranged at a whim, instantly changing the look and the mood of the room.

Of all the makes of sectional sofa, the leather kind will be the easiest to maintain as cleaning it will be a cinch. All you need is a cloth that will remove dust that accumulates, and the occasional damp cloth in case of grime. A black leather sectional sofa is the choice of many as they consider it to be classier than the rest. It also will fit in any color of living room.

One can go shopping on the Internet for his or her sectional sofa. You will find so many styles and colors. This will feed your imagination and will also improve you taste after seeing so many. When buying your sectional sofa, it is best to go to the store because there you will have a better idea of the feel and comfort the sofa will give you. Remember to lie on the sofa too, as this is one of the things that is so great to do on them.

Source: Vast Home And Garden

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Benefits of a Corner Vanities http://www.homeandgardenco.com/benefits-of-a-corner-vanities http://www.homeandgardenco.com/benefits-of-a-corner-vanities#comments Tue, 10 Aug 2010 21:32:05 +0000 GuestPoster http://www.homeandgardenco.com/?p=1242 Renovating the half bath can be a challenge due to the limited space. Most owners want to preserve every inch of open floor space that they can to help the bath look bigger than it really is. Using a corner vanity is a smart way to accomplish the goal. Half baths need storage just like a full size baths. Somewhere to put extra soap, toilet tissues and hand towels. A pedestal sink looks great but they have no storage. So the owner gets a good look but no functionality. A corner vanity can provide the storage space, hide the plumbing pipes and add value to the half bath. A corner vanity unitthat is made like a piece of furniture with a granite top can make the room look custom and elegant.

Most half bathrooms are small but some can be oddly configured. Many times the corner shaped vanity will work much better than a regular one. There are so many shapes, sizes and colors of these vanities that there is something that will go with every style of home. If the owner likes a modern design they should check out the wall hung vanity styles. There are some ultra modern styles that look create in a bright white ceramic. Paired with shiny stainless faucets and you have a look worthy of any New York loft. The hanging shelf vanities go with the modern vibe as well. The shelf offers a little more space for soaps, lotions and other toiletries. Add a vessel sink and it creates a fabulous corner vanity.

When shopping for a vanity the consumer needs to know exactly what they are buying. Ask a representative, do not just read the box. They can also be very helpful in making sure that if you are going to install it yourself that you have all the tools and parts that you need. Most vanities are sold separately and you have to purchase the sink and faucets individually. Local home improvements stores generally have a large selection in varies price ranges and styles. You do not have to pay for shipping and if you need it they can usually recommend someone to put it in for you. An online search quickly proves that they have the best variety. Shipping cost is the major problem with this method. However many online vendors will offer free shipping. Wherever you shop be sure to ask lots of questions and have a clear understanding of what you are purchasing.

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Check Out Garden Pond Kits http://www.homeandgardenco.com/check-out-garden-pond-kits http://www.homeandgardenco.com/check-out-garden-pond-kits#comments Tue, 10 Aug 2010 18:18:08 +0000 GuestPoster http://www.homeandgardenco.com/?p=1236 Adding a garden pond to a back garden can add beauty to any property. Many landscapers can add a pond  but this often times comes at a heavy price. An easier and less expensive way to create a fabulous pond to garden is with garden pond kits. These kits have all the supplies necessary to add a pond, and enjoy the beauty and realization that it provides.

There are a few things to keep in mind before adding a pond to your garden. The first thing to consider is that you need to make sure that you make sure that your pond is part of your garden and not just placed into any open space. By selecting the proper location you will ensure that your pond will enhance your garden space, rather than making it look like it was just thrown there. Another thing to consider when placing your garden pond is the elements. If it is too close to trees you may spend all your time cleaning the pond, and if the pond gets too much shade you might not be able to keep fish in the pond. Finally make sure that you keep in mind the size of the pond. If you want to place fish or plants in the pond make sure that there is enough room for all of them to grow happily.

There are many garden pond supplies for people who choose to make their own backyard ponds. Many kits are available that have all the supplies necessary, or different pieces can be purchased separately to mix and match to get the perfect pond. The best way to get started is by ordering a pond kit. This will have a skimmer, pump, waterfall, lining, and other essential items needed to start creating the pond. There are different forms of kits available depending on the size and the budget of the pond. Mini pond kits, which are four feet by six feet, cost around £250 and a 16 foot by 16 foot pond can cost up to £1000.

After the basic pond is set, there are many more garden pond supplies that can be purchased to enhance any pond. A pond fogger can be added, this creates a mist over the pond and shines different colored LED lights through the mist to create a unique display. Fountains can be added and depending on the size of the pond you can add a little bridge over one section. Adding a garden pond can enhance the atmosphere of your property, and with a few accessories it can be perfect to sit around late at night.

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Choosing A Wardrobe Closet http://www.homeandgardenco.com/choosing-a-wardrobe-closet http://www.homeandgardenco.com/choosing-a-wardrobe-closet#comments Tue, 10 Aug 2010 08:10:11 +0000 GuestPoster http://www.homeandgardenco.com/?p=1235 Closet system manufacturers usually have a big array of wardrobe closet designs and styles to choose from. In the course of getting to choose which one to purchase, buyer instincts would naturally dictate us to go for wardrobe closets that have a sleek and classy overall appeal. While that may be one of the ways to come up with a good choice, it may not always work. In a deeper perspective, getting to choose the right one to buy transcends beyond physical appearance of the furniture. But you may ask, “How Do I Really Choose One?”. The answer can vary considering that every individual has his or her own distinct tastes and requirements.

With that being said, hereunder are some general guidelines which could help you come up with a good purchase:

First, you will want to make sure that the wardrobe closet furniture you have set your sights on is something that you will really like. However, with so many appealing styles and models, you may find it cumbersome to pick one. To get over this, try to identify that piece among the others that caught your visual attention at first glance. Most likely, that would be the style that you would want.

Second, you will want to closely examine the type of material which the wardrobe furniture is made of. In most designs, wood is the material used. That is why you will be able to see lots of wooden wardrobe furniture on display at any furniture store. The best wood products are those that are made from solid wood such as teak, maple, and mahogany. Do not get tempted by the visual appeal of any wood product. Many inferior products are made to look very sleek and striking with the application of glossy finishes and laminates.

Lastly, try to examine the interior of the wardrobe closets in your shortlist. It should have adequate shelving and drawer systems to accommodate your clothing and other stuff that you may want to put into it. Furthermore, the drawer and shelves should also be made from solid wood as they won’t sag under heavy loads. More so, the hanging area should be big enough to hold all your hanged stuff. You may also want to consider purchasing a wire closet organizer to help increase the storage space of the wardrobe furniture. It doesn’t cost much anyway.

Getting to choose the right wardrobe closet furniture is just simple as long as you know what to look for. Being so, the simple tips mentioned above might help you choose a bedroom wardrobe furniture that will be reliable and useful for years.

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Information On Flannel Sheets http://www.homeandgardenco.com/information-on-flannel-sheets http://www.homeandgardenco.com/information-on-flannel-sheets#comments Wed, 04 Aug 2010 07:50:08 +0000 GuestPoster http://www.homeandgardenco.com/?p=1222 Who wouldn’t want to lie on comfortable flannel sheets at night after a long day at work? Many would probably give anything just so that they can have a good sleep at night instead of a restless one. To get that much wanted sleep, flannel bed sheets can be an excellent choice. Flannel sheets are great sleeping partners because they have a soft feel in them and are very durable to allow many years of usage.

Flannel sheets are available in a variety of colors and multitude of pattern choices. You can have them in knits, prints and stripes and they are available in various thread counts like 500, 400 and 300-thread counts. You can have the heavy thick flannel sheets, the medium-weight or the lighter ones.

Some people do not have a liking towards flannel sheet because of the belief that it will easily wear out and is always pilling. There are actually many kinds of flannels that get even better and softer as they age. There are also effective methods that can prevent as well as remove pilling. In addition, flannel sheets can be affordable to both the wealthy and the financially challenged shoppers. There are sheets in the market which can be considered luxurious and there are also items which are sold at lower prices.

Generally, there are two extreme reactions that can be derived when speaking about flannel sheets. Consumers either fall in love with the sheets or abhor them at first sight and try. There are those who immediately hate flannel sheets without even having tried using them. These people think that flannel sheets are not flexible because they are associated with cold weather and places. As a matter of fact, flannel sheets are not only for winter use but can be utilized throughout the year. But if you want your sheets to be more effective, you might need to use different sets so that your needs can be accommodated better. A thicker set can be used in winter and a lighter one during other periods.

Whether you are living in the wintry or tropical climates, to be able to sleep more comfortably, use flannel bed sheets to allow yourself to experience the warmth and softness they offer.

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Choosing a Modern Writing Desk http://www.homeandgardenco.com/choosing-a-modern-writing-desk http://www.homeandgardenco.com/choosing-a-modern-writing-desk#comments Wed, 04 Aug 2010 02:55:26 +0000 GuestPoster http://www.homeandgardenco.com/?p=1221 Today the duties of a writing desk differ greatly from those of one hundred years ago or more.  A writing desk was a place to sit at and compose letters, or to work on financial matters. It usually had a padded leather writing surface, an inkwell and place for pens at the back of the desk, and it often had a hutch or some sort of storage placed towards the back of the desk. Frequently small drawers ran horizontally across the front of the desk, just below the writing surface.

Some older style desks were designed so that the writing surface could lift up and be attached to the hutch, effectively sealing away anything that the desk was used for. Alternatively, desks had a cover that pulled out and over the writing desk, again hiding whatever was sitting underneath.

While you can still find these type of writing desks today, and they look great in rooms that are just meant for antique style furniture, today’s modern writing desk is quite a bit different. The main reason for the difference is the change in the desk’s function.

Today people use laptop computers, rather than pen and paper. Computers have cables and accessories attached to them. A very practical writing desk, these days, is still smaller than a regular desk and it still has plenty of drawers for storage space but it often has a pull out shelf where a keyboard can sit; you will be able to adjust the height up and down and it frequently has holes drilled into it for cords and cables to pass through.

Aside from those obvious differences, modern computer desks are often very minimalistic in design, with geometric angles and stark white, black or gray colored desk tops.

Your main choice in deciding on the best writing desk should revolve around finding something that is functional, that fits in the space allotted and that looks just right in the room you are adding it to.  Once you find something that fits the bill on all three counts, and is affordable, you can rest assured that you are making the right choice.

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Keeping Your Pine Wardrobe In Good Condition http://www.homeandgardenco.com/keeping-your-pine-wardrobe-in-good-condition http://www.homeandgardenco.com/keeping-your-pine-wardrobe-in-good-condition#comments Tue, 03 Aug 2010 14:29:12 +0000 GuestPoster http://www.homeandgardenco.com/?p=1210

In my time, I’ve seen a lot of pine wardrobes (and other different furniture pieces made from pine wood) get damaged or worn well before their time. It really pains me to see this happen. Pine is a great material for furniture – with the right finish, they can look absolutely fantastic and goes well with a lot of different decors around the house.

For me, the straw that broke the camel’s back is when I visited a friend’s home for a Christmas gathering. As I was heading to the restroom, I noticed a solid pine wardrobe sitting in the hallway. As it caught my eye, I stopped momentarily to appreciate the finer details of the surface. This is when I saw that one of the doors couldn’t quite close fully. The reason was because the wood had warped! On top of this, there were scratch marks in the corners near the bottom around the legs. After seeing this, I felt I should write this pine wardrobe guide to bring to the attention of you readers out there, on how to take better care of your wardrobe.

The explanation behind the warping of the wood was because of where the wardrobe was located. Firstly, the area wasn’t really well ventilated and moisture easily collected and stayed. Secondly, the wardrobe was in direct line of sight to a window and every day, the sun would shine light right through onto the wood surface (I don’t know why he didn’t have a curtain on the window). So the combination of both these factors over a long period of time led to the wood warping. Worst case scenario would be that the wood can also crack.

The scratching was a result from moving the furniture piece. This happened when he and wife moved into the house a few years back. He wanted to save money, so he and a buddy carried the wardrobe up the stairs themselves. Carelessness around the corners and along the steps left scars on the wood surface.

As you can see, the things I’ve listed here could have been easily prevented. Whether you have a stand-alone wardrobe or fitted wardrobes, you should take the necessary measures to prolong the life of the wood.

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