The idea of resting your head on a soft pillow stuffed with feathers sounds very inviting, but there are a few factors to consider before you purchase one. The type of feather used to make the pillow, how much support is required and whether you are allergic to feathers are all important questions to ask before shopping for a feather pillow.

Feather pillows can be stuffed with the fine inner feathers of geese known as down – or they can be filled with ordinary feathers from a variety of birds, including chickens. Down is actually formed in round clusters, which is very soft and will spring back into shape when fluffed up. Regular feathers have pointed quills that can poke though a cover and they will tend to flatten over time. If the softness of the pillow is the most important factor, look for one that is made with Hungarian goose down and you will not be disappointed.

For people who need a pillow that is firm and gives a lot of support, a simple down pillow might be a little too soft. A good compromise may be a combination pillow that has a firm feather inner core and an outer layer stuffed with down for softness. Those who require an extra firm pillow may have more luck with a pillow made with synthetic materials such as a memory foam pillow.

If you think you might be allergic to feathers, you may want to consider a down alternative pillow. These pillows have the superior softness of down, but are manufactured with man-made materials to prevent allergic reactions. A second advantage of down alternative pillows is that they are usually less expensive than down products.

Once these three factors have been taken into consideration, you will have a better idea if a feather pillow will work for you.

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