A thriving and beautiful lawn is a source of fun and pride. It is wonderful to look at, whether you are the homeowner, a neighbor and just going by. Family, friends and pets love to play on a healthy lawn as well as enjoy parties and backyard games. Beyond aesthetic appeal and function, a well-maintained lawn is also good for the earth and provides a healthier environment for those around it.

A lawn that has not been taken care is not as enjoyable to use. Prickly weeds hurt bare feet and legs, especially for children or animals who love to run around. Hidden holes can cause injuries or at least upsetting falls. No guest at a backyard party wants to hit a hole and send their food flying. And if your lawn does not look nice and feel nice, you may not want to have that party to begin with.

Healthy lawns improve the air quality. They pull dust from the air, and deconstruct pollutants and greenhouse gases. One acre lawn takes care of around 100 pounds of these impurities in the air. Grasses in good condition improve the problems associated with global warming and other environmental issues. They also provide oxygen. Since it only takes a little over 600 square feet of grass to create the daily oxygen needs for one person, your backyard lawn could easily generate oxygen needs for your entire family each day. They are also home to microorganisms and insects that are essential for the local ecosystem and good for your health as well.

In addition, lawns enhance quality of life. They cut down on noise from the neighborhood and nearby streets. Whether it is the hot summer or cold winter, the grass stays between 50-75ยบ while the payment is an uncomfortable temperature. Your lawn will be more pleasant to be on than other areas. And a green and lush lawn is beautiful to look at, improving your mood and encouraging you to go outside and get some exercise while you enjoy it.

Healthy lawns are improved when you aerate and thatch lawns regularly.

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