Easy Closet Organizers

Published on December 29 2009 by GuestPoster in Bedroom, DIY


There are some very simple ways to organize a messy or overcrowded closet that do not require a lot of tools, time or a large budget. Here are some suggestions for organizers that are great for this quick and easy approach to closet organizing.

If you have a lot of shoes you should try either the over-the-door organizer or a hanging shoe shelf. Both of these options allow you to store anywhere from ten to twenty four pairs of shoes very easily. You can find these products in department stores and discount stores for about $10.00. If you can devote some of your closet floor space to your shoe issue, then choose one of the nice wooden or plastic shoe organizers with the little cubbies that sit on the floor. Many of the complete closet systems also have pieces specifically designed for shoes if you decide to go that route.

Hanging shelves are a popular choice for a quick and inexpensive way to store folded clothes in your closet. These shelves are very popular with college students and are great for organizing kids closets. Storage boxes and bins can now be found in a wide array of shapes, sizes and colors and are extremely useful in organizing smaller items such as socks, hats and belts.

For those who are looking for something a little more structured than hanging shelves and boxes, check out the wooden closet organizers that stand on the floor of your closet. These are made in several sizes and with many wood finishes to match the decor of your room. The simple organization systems offer a practical alternative to the built-in permanent closet system that are much more expensive and more difficult to move or change.

All of these types of simple closet organizers can be expanded or moved to a different room as your needs change. You can even take them along to a new house if you move so they are definitely worth the small investment in time and money to add to your home.

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