The double pedestal dressing table is one of the more popular styles of dressing table available today. Since the dressing table was conceived in 17th Century France, it has evolved from a simple basin slung between two pieces of wood to the marvellously intricate designs and variety of ranges we see available today.

Of course in this day and age it is all to common to find pieces of furniture that suffer from form over function syndrome, i.e. they look great but their aesthetic design lets them down on a usefulness level; dressing tables probably more so than most other types of furniture. To begin with many people view them as a luxury item than than an essential, after all their purpose is to serve the vanity of the owner, however these same people often find that once you’ve owned one you never look back.

Take for example the double pedestal dressing table. These are the most impressive style of dressing table; often made from solid wood, such as pine, oak or ash and are larger than their single pedestal counterparts. They come with a set of drawers or doors positioned either side of the table and create a sense of balance as well as offering a considerable amount of storage space. The main problem with these will be finding somewhere to fit them in. Your bedroom will have to be big enough to accommodate the size of these dressing tables and if you are limited by space then they probably are not a good choice and you should consider going for a single pedestal or console dressing table instead.

However, if you have the room and the money then the double pedestal is the best purchase in the long run. Unless you are Dame Edna Everidge, you should find more than enough storage space for all your make and other cosmetic items now and into the future. Just make sure you buy a decent set which includes a mirror and stool; this will save you money in the long run.

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