Has the chaotic state of the economy brought your plans to find that dream home to a screeching halt? Are you questioning the wisdom of trying to get a mortgage with all of the new rules put in place? Perhaps, like many of your fellow Americans, you should consider moving up by staying where you are and remodeling your current house.

A lot of people have come to the conclusion that they don’t necessarily need to double or triple their square footage to be happy. What they do want is to upgrade the appliances in the kitchen and maybe install new cabinets and counter tops, finally get that Jacuzzi tub for the master bathroom or turn a portion of the basement into a media room. All great choices but the number one remodeling project for most is to rip out those carpets and put down hardwood floors.

There’s not much that will add more value to a home than the classic, warm glow of oak or the rich radiance of walnut wood flooring. There is quite a difference, though, in picking out a wall-sized high definition TV and installing wood floors. The television, while a significant investment, is something you know you will be replacing in a few years. Far more care needs to be taken when choosing the type floor you have installed because there is a good chance that it will be there long after you’ve moved on.

For those not able to make the investment in wood flooring, there is the less expensive option of something like walnut or oak laminate flooring. Laminate is actually a photograph applied over a fiber board and resin composite. While not real wood, the process has been greatly improved and products are available that have the appearance of most hardwoods and even those with the look of stone or brick. The higher-end offerings can even be purchased with a textured surface.

In the end, the choices are many and depend entirely on your situation, budget and dreams. A little research and patience could very well get you much closer to that dream home.

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