Now that winter is over it’s time to start thinking about your home garden and what kind of annuals or perennials you would like to plant.  As the first buds of your garden begin to grow do you find that you and your cat are vying to use the same garden space? What can you do to discourage your cat from using your beautiful garden as a liter pan so that you , not your cat, can enjoy your garden?

We all know that cats are hunters by nature and most, if given the chance,  enjoy the fresh air. Once outside they like to roll sit, smell and chew the grass and yes will eventually, make good use of your garden.  Lose soil is the perfect place for cats to take care of their business.  Cats love to use the soil to scratch. It’s nothing personal.

Some suggest moistening cotton balls with natural and placing them strategically around your garden area.  Any citrus smell will do as cats do not like the smell.  Natural oils can be expensive.  Sprinkling pepper or chili powder around the area is an alternative if the natural oils do not appeal to you.

Another suggestion is to purchase a water gun (the Super Soakers!) or use your water hose. You have to be diligent but after a good two or three soakings, your cat will be so offended and will think twice before venturing to the sacred area again.

Lastly, how about purchasing a good safe cat collar or cat harness along with a retractable leash? Make sure the leash has plenty of length and then tie the cat securely away from your garden area. After a while your kitty will get used to the confinement and relax.  Just make sure there is plenty of room for them to walk around.

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