Most cabins that are used primarily for hunting and fishes trips lack the amenities that one would expect in a traditional home. Spartan cabins for those who enjoy spending time outdoors are often far less expensive, require few materials, and little building expertise. If you are someone who is capable of fixing things around your home, you might be surprised that you have the skills to make your own hunting or fishing cabin. Whether you opt for a building kit, that contains all the materials that you will need, or choose instead to work with a blueprint that you find online, building this structure can be a short, weekend project.

Many hunting and fishing cabins are one room affairs that lack indoor plumbing modern heating systems. While it may seem like a lot to give up on a weekend sporting trip, eliminating these things will save a great deal of time and money, both when building the cabin as well as when maintaining it. Removing indoor plumbing ensures that your cabin will suffer no water damage because of frozen pipes or leaks, and can also make building a cabin that is up to local codes easier. Though heat is often necessary, fireplaces are a great way to provide heat to a small cabin without the stress of installing a water heater or gas tank.

Another benefit of a small cabin is the fact that it may not require a true foundation. Digging foundations, pouring concrete and other tasks that are require to shore up the strength of a larger building are time consuming, expensive, and require an expertise that may be beyond most do-it-yourselfers. If you instead view this cabin as a place to sleep and forgo the extras, one can build a serviceable building for less than $1,000.

While self-built hunting or fishing cabins are nothing fancy, they are a low cost way to have a permanent place to stay during weekends away.

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