The hall table is much like the welcome mat at your front door and decorating with one is just as easy too! Setting a hall table inside your home’s entryway is a great way to anchor the space and give it a more inviting feeling for arriving guests.

The hall table takes on many different forms. The shapes, sizes and materials available range from the industry standards of glass, metal, wood, iron, etc., to the custom created, one-of-a-kind designs of true fine furnishing artisans. The right one for your space will depend on a few factors such as the home’s architectural style, existing décor, homeowner needs, materials desired and of course measurements of the home’s front entrance.

The architectural features of a home should greatly predict the interior décor. Keeping with the home’s exterior design will bring a sense of cohesiveness and uniformity to the space however, even if the home is traditional on the outside, it’s still possible to find a more contemporary hall table as long as you choose a piece that is transitional. A transitional hall table is one that features clean lines and very little ornamentation. It will be created from transitional materials which are textiles that might be found in the era of the home’s design as well as in a more contemporary home. Wood is one very transitional material as long as the piece itself is not overly detailed with carvings and other types of ornamentation.

The size and shape of the hall table will depend on the size and shape of the home’s entryway. If the entrance is expansive and grand and features double doors and vaulted ceilings, it may be able to hold a round hall table. A round table would be placed in the middle of the entryway as opposed to the rectangular or half round hall table which is normally place along the wall of the entrance. The hall table should not overpower the space, nor should it be so small as to get lost in the space.  Remember the hall table is meant to enhance and warm up the entranceway – not to take it over or disappear in the background.

The homeowner’s needs must be a consideration as well. Hall tables can feature various storage components such as cabinet doors, drawers or shelving below the table’s surface. For homeowners that wish to have storage space at the front door for things like keys, purses, briefcases and other daily necessities, it’s important to choose a hall table that will allow for those preferences while still keeping with the right size, shape and style.

There are literally countless hall table options from which to choose, and the best variety can be found on the Internet. Shopping for the right piece is much easier when don’t online because it saves time, saves money and allows the homeowner to picture the piece in their home much easier than trying to imagine it from inside a furniture store.

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