For homes or offices that go through a large volume tea or coffee pods, saving even a few cents per serving can really add up. Though the convenience of these single serving pods is second to none, some find that the cost differential is prohibitive. However, there are a number of places where anyone can find these pods for well under retail value. Use these tips at home or share them with an office manager to save on supplies in the break room.

Some users may not realize this, but there is a lot of flexibility in terms of which brands you use. While many machines will come with a few sample pods, and recommendations to use a specific manufacturer when restocking, most are sold in a standard size. Almost all coffee pods that are on the market function in the same way, so switching to a less costly brand will require no modifications in the manner in which the machine is used. Most online product descriptions include a full list of the machines with which specific coffee pods are compatible.

As with most things, ordering online and in bulk will save a great deal. If you are stocking an office that goes through a lot of coffee in a short period of time, buying a six month supply will often qualify you for bulk discounts and will save on shipping costs. Instead of buying multiple smaller packages of flavored coffees, invest in a large variety pack. While you will have less control over the specific flavors that will be included, most variety packs include popular flavors that appeal to most palettes.

Local bulk retails are another great place to find good deals. If you have a membership to a warehouse store, take the time to look for coffee and tea pods. It may be necessary to buy a large case, but a quick look at the cost per unit will show the true savings.

Saving on tea and coffee pods is easy if you know where to look.

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