Wicker furniture has been in style for many generations. Recently, it has gained even more popularity in the contemporary home, with a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from. This type of furniture is made by intertwining thin reeds, twigs and or branches. Wicker is very versatile in that it can be incorporated into a variety of bedroom styles. What also makes wicker a great choice for bedroom furniture is that it is a little more cost effective than purchasing hard wood furniture. However, when considering wicker bedroom furniture, there are a few things to look at before making the purchase.

Make sure the furniture is made on a solid frame. This will insure that your pieces will last longer and will be more durable, especially when buying larger items such as an armoire, dresser or tall chest.

Another thing to consider is what the material to choose, natural or synthetic.  Natural, which is usually made out of rattan, paper rope or bamboo, and is typically preferred in regards to bedroom furniture because it is more intricately woven and the overall look is more elegant. Also, the finish of natural wicker is usually more appealing versus synthetic. The down side to natural is that it is more prone to cracking and splitting. Rattan is the most durable and weather resistant so this material is the most commonly used. With natural wicker, it also needs to be cleaned and maintained more often, with clear varnish to increase its longevity.

Synthetic wicker is more durable and is not as prone to breaking or cracking. It is also a little less expensive than natural wicker. Synthetic wicker made out of a plastic type of material in the form of vinyl or resin. Many types are usually painted before the strips are woven, which makes synthetic wicker even more resistant to climate and color fading. Synthetic wicker furniture is also a little easier to clean and maintain than its natural counterpart. Just a dusting and a wipe down of a soap and water solution will help keep your furniture in great shape.

One other thing to consider when deciding on wicker weave bedroom furniture is the climate. Especially if you live in a home without climate control, it should be a factor on which type of wicker to buy. If you live in a climate that is extremely humid or dry, natural wicker can be more prone to rot or cracking respectively. You should double check with the manufacturer to see what additional treatments and varnishes are needed to keep your furniture in pristine condition or consider the synthetic alternative.

While there are many factors to consider when purchasing wicker for your bedroom, wicker weave furniture is a wonderful and versatile option that will help create a great look that is perfect for you.

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