When designing an outdoor landscape many homeowners decide to use patio pavers to construct their patio instead of the traditional wood platform. This is because there are plenty of different designs of pavers to compliment any outdoor theme, and they require a lot less maintenance than the traditional wood patio.

When choosing a style of paver for your home, homeowners need to keep the style and space of their desired patio in mind. Pavers come in all shapes and sizes, from a traditional brick size to larger 16 inch by 16 inch paver. Some are square while others are round. Some pavers even come in a natural rock look. It is important to consider whether the look desired is one of uniformity or more natural. To obtain a uniform look a homeowner would choose a square or rectangular paver while they may choose a round or rock paver to achieve a natural look.

Installing a patio using pavers can be hard work, but is easily achievable for the average homeowner. The equipment used can be rented and almost any tool center. It is important to prep the ground at least six inches below the regular level of the yard to allow room for the paver and also to ensure for a level surface. It is also a good idea to use sand or gravel underneath the pavers. This will ensure they will not move and shift after a couple of years of being used. Some homeowners like to put a weed barrier underneath the sand to prevent weeds from sprouting up between the bricks or pavers and ruining all their hard work.

A patio can be a great investment for a homeowner. Not only can they increase the value of a home, but they are also a great gathering place for the whole family.

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